How they work

Smooth Action
Crash Blocks are a carefully designed innovation that works with existing header extrusions. Precisely fitted, the devices slide smoothly within the header. The jamb-side wheel bracket from each door is set into the device's opening. One Crash Block stays with each door, sliding freely with the wheel brackets. The light friction from the devices add a comfortable 'hydraulic' feel to the doors' movement.

Nobody Likes To Use

Increases Safety / Lowers Liability
The Crash Blocks design also incorporates a shock-absorbing flexible arm for abusive or overly forceful situations, and an anti-jump feature where the wheel brackets are blocked from jumping the track.

These devices are doing several jobs while remaining discreetly concealed within the header. Most users won't even know that they're there.



the future

Open track
Remember the introduction of the 'open track'? That reexamination of a flawed yet popular product had a tremendous impact on the sales and general acceptance of sliding units. We learned something from that experience: 'Just because consumers are accepting something, doesn't mean that the product is reaching its full market potential'.

Reintroduce the slider - As a truly classy classic!
Crash Blocks let you achieve simplicity and safety in your product design



Crash Blocks U.S. Patent #6,487,752

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