Simplify your operation.

Reduce your labor costs
What if you could sell high end sliding shower enclosures, instead of time consuming and risky frameless heavy glass? Because of their simplicity, sliders would reduce your field and shop labor costs. Not to mention the risk for error and liability that goes with frameless heavy glass. Sliders are a safe, accepted, and proven alternative.

Satisfy your customers
Your customers are rejecting sliders and buying door-and-panel combinations. Given the choice, they'd probably rather have a 'big handle sliding shower door'.

Offer a Flawless slider
Crash Blocks make sliding enclosures complete- putting them on the same level with the best of the frameless shower doors.

What can you do to get 'flawless sliding shower doors' for your customers?
There are three things that you can do to help make sure that your customers get the flawless slider:


    Print out the printable page and use it to let your supplier know that you
    would like to offer this option to your customers.

    Attach this site's URL [] to e-mail correspondence with your supplier.

Some suppliers may not be aware of this option — participation could be doing them and your clients a favor.




Crash Blocks U.S. Patent #6,487,752

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