Modern Sliding Shower Doors

What are Crash Blocks?

Nobody Likes To Use

Crash Blocks are a simple pastic device that when slipped into the header will convert ordinary sliding shower doors into a tandem operating, large handled and elegant shower door. Crashblocks lower installation costs, reduces liability, and gives customers an elegant alternative to 'heavy frameless glass'.

Nobody Likes Finger-Pulls.

  • Adding big, elegant hardware transforms sliding shower doors.
  • Basic units become distinctively contemporary and refined.
  • Current slider design is difficult to operate and visually unappealing.

Get rid of useless finger-pulls by adding elegant and easy-to-use big handles. Add Crash Blocks to your sliding shower door line and start giving customers what they really want.

Frameless sliders have the appeal of 'heavy glass'.
Clean, open lines and barrier-free design have been around for a long time. Hugely popular, sliders have been accepted in the most elegant, as well as the most modest of homes. Now heavy-glass and new trends demand that sliding shower enclosures offer better hardware.








Crash Blocks U.S. Patent #6,487,752

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